A Project Report on Corporate Financial Analysis in Airtel

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The history of telecommunication industry started with the first public demonstration of Morse’s electric telegraph, Baltimore to Washington in 1844. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell filed his patent application and the first telephone patent was issued to him on 7th of March. In 1913, telegraph was popular way of communication. AT&T commits to dispose its telegraph stocks and agreed to provide long distance connection to independence telephone system. In 1956, the final judgment limited the Bell System to Common Carrier Communications and Government projects but preserving the long-standing relationships between the manufacturing, researches and operating arms of the Bell System. In this judgment AT&T retained bell laboratories and Western Electric Company. This final judgment brought to a close the justice departments seven –year-old antitrust suit against AT&T and Western Electric which sought separation of the Bell Systems Manufacturing from its operating and research functions. AT&T was still controlling the telecommunication industry.

In 1982 , AT&T was requested to divestiture its stock ownership in Western Electric;termination of exclusive relationship between AT&T and Western Electric; divestiture by Western Electric of its fifty percent interest in Bell Telephone Laboratories, AT&T ‘s telecommunication research and development facility, is a jointly owned subsidiary in which AT&T and Western Electric each own 50% of the stock; separation of telephone manufacturing from provision of telephone service and the compulsory licensing of patents owned by AT&T on a non-discriminatory basis. It was telecommunication act of 1996 that true competition was allowed. The act of 1996 opened the market to all competitors. AT&T being the first telecommunication company paved the road for the telecommunication industry as well as set the policy and standards for others to follow. 

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