A Project on Customer Relationship Management in Religare Securities with Special Reference to Equities

mba projects in marketingEver since we have attained independence we have been attaining some sort of nourishment in one field or another. Finance is the backbone of every country and India is no exception. Being the country it is have lot of pressure of population and that burden has to be born by the earning population of the country. Indian financial market has been progressing leaps and bounds in last decade or so
World see India as the emerging power of the planet and Indian finance has major role to play in letting the country in this great position. Share market is the breathing zone of Indian financial market. Every Indian company which has some significance with lot of people has been listed in the stock exchange and has been affecting country.
Broking firms play  a major role in the smooth functioning of the Stock Market because investors trade through these broking firms. So because of lots of opportunity in this sector with that is the increasing competition. More and more companies are entering into this sector, so to maintain and acquire the client base it requires good marketing strategies on the companies part.
It must be kept in mind that major share of investors are price sensitive and they decide the investment options and the options to trade trough on the basis of cost effectiveness.


1. Introduction to Brokerage industry
1.1 Primary Market
1.2 Secondary Market
1.3 Evolution of the Indian Brokerage Market
1.4 Development in the Brokerage Industry
1.5 Industry Insight
1.6 Main players in the brokerage industry are

2. Introduction to Religare Enterprise  Limited
2.1Historical Background Of The Group             
2.2 Vision & Mission
2.3Now What Does RELIGARE Mean?
2.4 Key Events and Milestones
2.5Organization Structure
2.6 Central Leadership Team
2.7 Board of Directors – Religare Enterprises Limited
2.8 Addresses
2.9 Religare Global Presence
2.10 Following are the companies Under Religare Enterprise Limited

3. Religare Securities Limited
3.1 Products and services
3.2 Key Executives
3.3 SWOT Analysis Of Religare Securities Ltd

4.1Profit and Loss Account
4.2Balance Sheet
4.3 Financial Statement Analysis
4.4 Trend Analysis


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