Marketing Research Report on Tapal

mba projects in marketing

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the entire world and the
most widely consumed beverage in South Asia. The demand for tea in
Pakistan is very high. With such a high consumer base, the 
competition is also very intense.

Table of Contents:
Acknowledgement    3
Mission Statement    4
Vision Statement    4
Objectives    4
Introduction    5
Business Scope    6
External Analysis    7
Product Position In Their Life Cycle    8
Product Life Cycle Stages    9
Competitor’s   Analysis    9
Swot Analysis    10
Business Portfolio    12
Market Segmentation By Product    13
Market Positioning    14
Pricing strategy    14
Distribution strategy    15
Promotional strategy    18
Buble tea   20
Executive Summary    21
Macro Environment  24
Marketing Strategy and Objectives  27
Demand Forecasting  27
Target Marketing  28
BCG Matrix  34
SWOT Analysis  36
4P’s  40
Competitors’s Analysis   42
Porter’s Analysis  43



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