Customer Satisfaction After Sales & Services of Mahindra & Mahindra Tractors

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This study will help to find the level of Customer satisfaction of the Customers in the authorized M&M service station in Hassan dist. To know the reason for decline of customers at service station, to know the perception of customers regarding the charges or rates offered by the service station and to know any suggestion from customers to improve the service.

The study is scheduled through primary data and other information thereby preparing Questionnaire, which focuses of various variables, and attributes that are important to know the satisfaction level and the factors affecting the purchase decision.

Serving the consumer demand with the help of marketing channels, and then in turn, expanding the market even in the face of keen Competition. The marketing objectives, developed the marketing plan, or program and control the marketing program to assure the accomplishment of the marketing objectives.

Marketing begins with the customer, not with production cost, sales, technological and marks and it ends with customer Satisfaction and social well-being.

Marketing covers all business activities necessary for ascertaining market demand, planning, and product availability, affecting transfer of ownership of products, providing for their physical distribution and facilitating the entire marketing process.

Tractor, a self-propelled unit used to pull loads, to carry and operate tillage, cultivating and harvesting machinery and to provide power through the suitable belt pulley, power take off, or other power outlet, to drive stationary and drawn implements and machines, As distinguished from “traction engines”, which were self propelled steam engine tractor are powered with internal combustion engines. The word” Tractor” was coined by combining parts of the words TRACTION and MOTOR, and was first noted in a patents issued in the united states in 1890.

This project report is an academic excursive for discussing in general in marketing of tractor and probing into the marketing of Mahindra tractors in particular. The secondary and primary data have been collected for the purpose and this recommendation have been given for the improvement of marketing strategy of tractors in Ganesh agro tractors and services in particular.

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