A project on In-Depth Comparative Study of the Customer Preference for Public and Private Owned Bank Loan With Reference to SBI and ICICI Bank in Ahmadabad

mba projects in marketingMy project title is an in-depth comparative study of the customer preference for public and private owned bank loan, with reference to SBI and ICICI bank in Ahmadabad. I have selected this topic because the Indian Banking lending system has grown by leaps and bound in few last years. There are greater number of borrowers. By this study I have find out satisfaction level of customer and also problem faced by them in lending process.

  • To analyze the various factors which necessitates the adoption of public or private banks?
  • To identify the factors affecting customer to go for a home, car, educational loan in public and private banks.
  • To identify the loan process in SBI and ICICI bank.
  • To understand the customer satisfaction regarding the process for loan in bank.
  • To study factors affecting for home, car, educational loan rates in banks.
  • How does floating rates of interest affect normal person.
  • Different Installment Plan in these loans
Research methodology:
In research methodology I had taken both primary and secondary data. In primary data I had prepared a questionnaire to understand customer level of satisfaction. In secondary data I had search in companies’ data base its website and various other second hand data available in this universe.
Contents:Executive summary          
Floating rate          
Research methodology          
Review literature          
Company profile          
Home loan
SBI home loan
ICICI home loan          
Car loan
SBI car loan
ICICI car loan          
Education loan
SBI education loan
ICICI education loan          
Data analysis and its interpretation          
Findings and Recommendations          

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