The Impact of Creativity and Wow Factor in Advertising

mba projects in marketingThe approach employed in this report may be a case study approach. It basically deals with 2 aspects; creative thinking and WOW issue. These 2 terms are outlined and therefore the impact they need in advertising has been studied. The objectives of doing such a study were to know creative thinking, to outline it and to search out factors that elicit a WOW response from viewers.

Primary supply of knowledge includes of interaction with individuals from advertising agencies with an inexpensive quantity of expertise. a major a part of the desired info has been collected from this supply. Data collected through the secondary supply includes the theoretical aspects of advertising and creative thinking further as quotations from varied advertising men.

The case studies were rigorously hand picked once innumerous discussions with professionals from the advertising fraternity. The cases are documented, analyzed and ‘lessons to be learnt’ are listed. CREATIVITY is maybe the one word that assumes nice importance in any enterprise. More so, within the advertising trade.

Let’s examine it closely. Tonnes are written on its important importance. 100 seminars and workshops have not bored with stressing however it’s the cornerstone of the trade. I don’t suppose anyone queries its importance. creative thinking is de facto one thing that everybody accepts as very important. Then why is it that there’s therefore very little of it evident in our work?

Let us step back and question why I dare say there’s therefore little evident in our work. however do i assess or choose creativity? Well, i think here is wherever the whole drawback begins. there’s no real yardstick by that creative thinking will be exactly measured. How do jury panels choose creativity? terribly straightforward. They specify “impact” and “relevance” as 2 parameters or judge creative thinking.

Having same this you then slip into AN ethereal world wherever advertising associations area unit secured in AN never-ending battle to outline UN agency will truly choose creative thinking. “Obviously, solely artistic individuals ought to be referred to as upon to guage creative thinking,” says one huge lobby. “No, decision in people who measure creative thinking as a vicinity of their profession,” says another faculty of thought.

Shorn of its niceties, the primary faculty of thought lays out a case wherever creators of creative thinking area unit the simplest judges of it. The second faculty advocates the inclusion of selling folks that in any case choose the creative thinking of agencies on a daily basis within the globe and judge what truly goes resolute the final word client.

Having seen each colleges of thought prevail at completely different periods of your time, i’m qualified to touch upon what goes on within the differing eventualities.

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