A Project Report on Corporate Financial Analysis in Airtel

The history of telecommunication industry started with the first public demonstration of Morse’s electric telegraph, Baltimore to Washington in 1844. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell filed his patent application and the first telephone patent was issued to him on 7th of March. In 1913, telegraph was popular way of communication. AT&T commits to dispose its […]

A Project on Ratio Analysis at BHEL

BHEL has established in the late 50’s BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED (BHEL)  is a name which is recognized across the industrial world. It is one of the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprises in INDIA and is one of the leading international companies in the power field. BHEL offers a wide spectrum of products and services […]

A Project Report on Financial Markets and the IPO

The Financial Market is an amorphous set of players who come together to trade in financial assets. Financial Markets in any economic system that acts as a conduit between the organizations who need funds and the investors who wish to invest their money into profitable opportunity. Thus, it helps institutions and organizations that need money […]

A Study on Budgetory Control of SHIMUL

Shimoga Milk Union Limited” is a cooperative sector undertaking, engaged in the processing of Milk & manufacturing the Milk products, it recently launched three new variants of Nandini Milk. The Shimoga milk union is located in the central part of Karnataka. The corporate office of the union is based at Machenalli, covering three districts of […]

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