A Study on Work Environment and Commitment of Employees

mba hr projectsNew technologies and communication and information processing and geo-political upheavals have revolutionized the way we think about the organization. Indeed, all these factors are part of the organization environmental that the managers must take into account. The right kind of working environment not only increases the employees productivity but also makes them positive with high morale and job satisfaction. For the purpose of the study the employees working in the company have been taken as respondents.

The study of the work environment at T.T. Minerals was done from the data collected by interviewing the sample of 50 employees belonging to different categories, designations, seniority etc. Each employee was asked in the same way as a respondent, promoting for reliability. The purpose of the study was made clear to each respondent before the interview and they were requested to give correct information and were assured of the confidentiality of their information. Research design gives the information on the type of research, survey, procedure, technique of data gathering, sample size and technique used, sample description in profile instrumentation technique, scope and time.

The changes in social; economic and technological condition are already affecting business and will have an even greater impact in future. These changes pose major challenges to human resource management.
It is necessary to make some projection of the future directions in the human resource management to make a proactive and creative response to these challenges. Expectation, composition of employees, government regulation, new technologies, need for change in the organizational culture. To meet the increased expectation human resource professionals must began to act professionally. They must focus more on the deliverable of their work and less on just getting their work done and they must articulate their role in items of the value they create.

Hence, they must know how to manage human resources effectively, primarily because traditional management models are in appropriate in our dynamic work environment. In facing today’s global and economic challenges corporate leaders muss employee new models and new ways of managing their human resource to solve their business problem.

Due to the rise in cost and fall in productivity, more and more organization has started giving a serious look into the man power policies. It has been commonly observed that most of employees on contract labour status or temporary status show excellent performance but just after being regularized their performance decreases, and it has become a vicious circle.

It is therefore, essential to see the problem in its totality and planned approach is needed for optimizing the human resource. A quantitative approach will not be sufficient; the qualitative aspect need more emphasis. T.T. Minerals company is employing human resource with satisfaction of employees. Hence it was decided that to know their employee job satisfaction and work environment with references to human practices.

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