Effectiveness of Various Sales Promotional Activities of Arpita Bajaj

mba projects in marketingSales Promotion is a Powerful Marketing Tool. Marketing promotion helps marketers communicate information to potential customer about the products existence value and the benefits that can be accrued from it. It comprises one of the four elements of the marketing mix. Designing and effective marketing communication mix helps marketers to attract persuade, urge and remind customers of the company’s brand.

Consumers have `something’ to look forward to and there is also an opportunity given to them to articulate their experiences associated with the brand. This is not to suggest that the typical sales promotion more for same price or `one free’ with a purchase should never be done.

To insure an excellent promotion the marketer must create a strong connection between the consumers. The connection must relate to the brand identity, the consumer and the understanding that promotions can and still move more than sales volume.

Compared with that communication option available to marketers in the past, there are now a larger and greater diversity of communication options available. Thus, the design implementation and evaluation of the communication program in the current business scenario pose a significant challenge to marketers.

Sales promotion is a form of attracting the consumers by offering them various benefits in the form of incentives or by adding value to the products. Sales promotions are generally aimed at resellers and final consumers. The various kinds of sales Promotional tools include coupons, discounts, rebates, samples, etc. most often organizations spend more money on sales promotions than on advertising.

The study is aimed at making an analysis of Arpita Bajaj in order to find out which sales promotional activities are helping them to increase their sales. The main rationale behind an analysis is to gain realistic corporate knowledge and for the purpose of value addition.

Management thesis helps in every possible way to get knowledge about sales promotion activities and its impact on Arpita Bajaj. The Findings & Suggestions helps Arpita Bajaj improve their existing strategies and to overcome any obstacles so that it results in long term survival of an organization.

Thesis results provides the data to know how sales promotion activities are building awareness about the organization and its products on a regular basis and what needs to be expected from the customers in return. The study is fully fledged in all magnitude here and the same has been collected by using primary data with market survey and by using questionnaires.

By conducting this study I came to know about the impact and effect of sales promotional activities on Arpita Bajaj and different sales promotion strategy followed by Arpita Bajaj to increase customer and sales.

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