A Study and Analysis of Customers Perception on the Dairy Products of Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF)

mba projects in marketingIn my Management Thesis, I am going to make “A study and analysis of customer’s perception on the dairy products of KMF (Karnataka Milk Federation) at Hassan city”.

This KMF is serving since 33 years in Hassan city. The products have got their own brand image and also the customers. Though the service which they are providing to their costumers we can know how the organization is serving the customers with its product.

A study on customer’s perception of milk and its milk products with reference to Nandini and is undertaken for assessing the customer’s behavior towards Nandini milk and its milk products and to understand the expectations of the customers towards milk and its milk products which will in turn help to take appropriate action by the management for removing the short falls. For this purpose the following parameters were taken in to consideration and questionnaire was prepared to elicit the information.

To interrogate customer’s area-sampling system was adopted, since the population is undefined a total of 100 respondents were considered to elicit the information, which are analyzed, interpreted and placed under with comments, charts and findings.

The idea that customers prefer one product or one service over another is not new. The ability to identify and measure the elements of such preference decisions with any accuracy and reliability has only recently become available. Research into this area of consumer behavior has brought understanding to some of the major issues with standard customer satisfaction research.

Most importantly, we have come to realize that high customer satisfaction does not assure continued customer preference. Satisfaction research over the past fifteen years demonstrates that high satisfaction scores, while a measure of organization performance on a set of important criteria, do not adequately explain the composition of preference formation and therefore often serve as insufficient predictors of sustained preference or what is normally referred to as customer loyalty.

Loyalty as a concept has also shown itself to be difficult to define. Like beauty, loyalty is truly in the eye of the beholder. We understand there are different types and degrees of loyalty and some of these are not appropriate in describing the relationship between a consumer and a company. However, preference (defined as the power or ability to choose one thing over another with the anticipation that the choice will result in greater satisfaction, greater capability or improved performance) has demonstrated the ability to be effectively measured and to provide meaningful insight into the choices consumers make when selecting one provider over another and when determining to continue a relationship over time.

Preference is formed when the customer is bonded to your company through the establishment of a mutual benefit. Successful companies therefore go beyond delivery of a commodity or service; they pursue the development of a relationship with their customers. This bonded relationship will be more likely to survive competitive attacks than the mere purveying of goods or services or an over reliance on aggressive pricing models.

We evaluate the performance in light of how well the milk Products, service meets our preference expectations.

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