A Project Report on Stress Management in BPO

Today’s age is called “The Age of Anxiety” and this century is called “The Century of Stress”. Today vast majorities of people are in a state of Stress. Their fast-paced lifestyle demands  that  they are  raring  to  go  always  and  are always  under  pressure  to perform.  This pressure usually leads to Stress. Stress can be […]

A Project Report on Significance of Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on Job Satisfaction

In the present scenario, cut throat competition, stretched goals, cultural differences among the diverse workforce and imbalanced work life have lead to increasing level of stress in employees, also increase the job dissatisfaction. This satisfaction adversely affects the performance of the employees and becomes an undesirable and paramount the organization problem. Hence the scientific researchers […]

A Project Report on Impact of Job Enrichment on Employee Motivation

The current research project is based on JOB ENRICHMENT. The new changes both in science and technology and business environment have brought a change in functional approach of an industrial organization. The human resource executive plays a significant role to set and achieve the objectives as the functional horizon is extended from legalistic mundane approach […]

Study on Absenteeism of Workers in Nutrine

Chocolate food products made from coca beans consumed as candy and used many beverages and as flavoring products.   Rich in carbohydrate it is an excellent source of quick energy and also contains minute amount of the stimulating alkaloids Bromine and caffeine. Chocolate manufacturing started in the American Colonies in 1765 at Dorchester, using Coca beans […]

Study on Employee Job Satisfaction at Liberty Garments

As the business increases day by day to global standards, garment industry also takes its boom in the world trade. Though there are certain limitations and drawbacks in the business scenario, it is still trying to achieve a memorable growth in the world trade.   From ancient days onwards, garments play an important role in […]

Study on HR Policies of Maruthi Udyog Limited

Maruti was incorporated in 1981 as a Government company. They started production in December 1983 with collaboration from Suzuki of Japan. Initially Suzuki had 26% equity which has since increased to 40%. Table of Contents: (66 Pages) CHAPTER: 1-IntroductionAutomobile industryCompany ProfileS.W.O.T. AnalysisCompetitors Information CHAPTER: 2- Research MethodologyResearch ObjectivesResearch designData SourcesQuestionnaire Design/ FormulationSample DesignLimitations of the […]

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