A Study on Investment Pattern of Investors on Different Products

mba finance projectsAn investment refers to the commitment of funds at present, in anticipation of some positive rate of return in future. Today the spectrum of investment is indeed wide. An investment is confronted with array of investment avenues. Among all investment, investment in equity is in best high proportion. This is because the history of stock market is booming and bursts overnight millionaires, an instant pauper.

Indian economy is doing indeed well in recent years. The study has been undertaken to analyze the investment pattern of investment community. The main reasons behind the study are the factors like income, economy condition, and the risk covering nature of the Indian investors. The percentage of Indian investors investing in the Indian equity market is very less as compared to foreign investors.

This study has been undertaken in Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Ltd. (ACMIIL), which was incorporated in the year 1986. And the company, which is, diversified into many fields like securities, insurance, distribution, commodities and investment services.

This project contains the investors’ preferences and as well as the different factors that affect investors decision on the different investment avenues most of them investors are the clients of Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Ltd., which provides a complete bouquet of products in equity, debt, commodities, forex, depository, derivatives and allied services in India .

This study includes response of investor in choosing securities in each classification and analysis has been for the respective performance based on their returns. The findings relates to the outperforming products and investors risk taking ability while investing in each different products.

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